Open University Study

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I have now finished my OU study and in June 2013 I will graduate with First Class Honours. I cannot wait and will post photos so you can see me bathing in glory/ blubbing my eyes out!! Above is the link to the posts I wrote on the OU before during and after study - the good times and the bad! Below is an explanation of how it all began ...

 In 2009 I decided to go back to school and finish the B.A that I started when I was 19.I had dropped out of University after 2 years of study for a B.A in History of Art with Italian and Classics for various reasons, but mainly because I was miserable!

Now, after 25 years it seemed the right thing to do, to finish what I had begun. My lovely sister-in-law suggested the Open University  and they have been incredibly helpful. I decided against History of Art but enrolled on A210 Approaching Literature. To gain a Degree with Honours you need 360 points. I was able to transfer 200 points from my study all those years ago, so now I needed to get another 160 points, which meant 3 courses, 3 years ahead of me.

My second course, starting October 2010 was  AA316 The Nineteenth Century Novel.I had 12 books to study so am worked hard to finish them all before the course started.Really excited to begin!!


I can't believe it has been so long since I updated this page! Since I last wrote I have completed AA316, gaining another Grade 2 pass. I have to say that it was an incredibly difficult and yet ultimately rewarding course. At one point I phoned Student Support for help as I really thought I had bitten off more than I could chew.

There was a huge amount of reading - both the set novels ( all of which I adored ) and the critical essays ( most of which I hated!!) I cannot tell you how proud I was to finish and get that Grade 2 pass (equivalent to a 2:1 ). There is nothing more satisfying than struggling and then succeeding!

As I write this I am working on my Final Essay for EA300 Children's Literature which has been my favourite course so far. The set novels are, again, wonderful and I have learnt so much over the last 3 years so that I actually enjoy the critical essays too! My tutor has been wonderful, with a true understanding of what it is to be an OU student. At the moment I am doing well and I don't want to tempt fate by telling you my mark at the moment, but when I have finished I will post it!!!

I have found writing these essays like unravelling a ball of knotted string. At first I fiddle about trying to find the starting point and eventually it all starts to flow. Sometimes I don't even know where my ideas and thoughts come from. It seems to be working though!

So ... that's it for now. If you are thinking of signing up my advice is ... DO IT!!! The OU has enriched my life, taught me to think again and given me a belief in myself that I didn't have before. Bloody brilliant!!