The Secret Allotment

April 2013

Its been a long, cold winter and the allotment is way behind. You can see the front bed where I have rhubarb and herbs, but the rest is a bit bare! I have planted some summer cabbages under the yellow netting on the top left, but otherwise its all a bit bleak!!

If you scroll down you will see photos of how the blog looked when we got it, all the way through to the present day.


Well... we have put down gravel pathways, made a compost bin from donated pallets and tidied up for winter. There are cabbages growing and I cut three today for Christmas - one for us and two as gifts!! Next thing will be more gravel and the start of Spring when we'll plant runner beans and potatoes.


We came back from our hols to find everything in abundance on the plot. Quite amazing!!! Here are some pics of pumpkins going crazy, runner beans, french beans and so on. We are eating veg for England right now and I can't wait for friends to come back from their hols so I can give some stuff away!!!

So ... its summer and the weeds have arrived. As I weed them so they grow again...grrrrrr. Time for weed membrane.


The runner beans and lettuces are doing well - as are the fruit bushes and carrots.

a 5th bed goes in and I have planted pumpkins, lettuces, more french marigolds, lavender and thyme.

15/05/2011 - runner beans marigolds and borders.

02/05/2011 - more raised beds and strawberries.

24/04/2011 - raised beds started...

21/04/2011 - runner beans planted, carrots set, edges clipped and wood for raised beds on the way...

03/04/2011 - the amazing L has cleared all that earth and the plot looks huge!!!

21/03/2011 - so much earth to dig...

 20/03/2011- gooseberry bush planted and green rubbish pile dug into.

 photo taken 12/03/2011 with rubbish gone and a start made on bed placement and paths.

Photo taken 06/03/2011 with my garlic and onions showing.

 17th October 2010...

the allotment today taken from the same spot as the next photo was taken

My allotment... when we got it in August 2010 looked like this

After about 6 hours work it looks like this...

after about 11 hours it looks like this

we have dug out all this rubbish that people dumped over the years

and we have to clear all this green rubbish they dumped too...

I plan, on this page of my blog, to keep a diary of the allotment's progress so you can see how we get on. I have a good feeling about this. There is just something about the place that is peaceful and beautiful - I can't wait!!