Sunday, 31 December 2006

New Year's Eve & the kids are crying........

Here we are...... New Year's Eve 2006 and my husband is at work, my youngest is in the bath, my eldest is crying because he wants to stay up for New Year and I won't let him, and I am typing a blog that I will never tell anyone about.

When you think of your life at 42 you hope that at some stage you might go out occasionally, dress up, be attractive or live a life that is more than cooking, cleaning ironing and sorting out family rows.

As 2006 draws to an end I wonder what it has brought. What will 2007 bring ?

Shall I disappear to France and live the life of an enigma, drawing in charcoal in a mountain village to earn enough to buy bread ? Shall I start a secret drug habit and enter a life of desperate crime to fund the demons within me ?

Or maybe I'll just put the kids to bed and go downstairs to watch a film that frees me for a couple of hours into a world where reality is a distant echo.

Probably the latter.

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