Friday, 5 January 2007

Back to work, back to normal...

Well I have calmed down after the excitement of yesterday. I didn't come back last night because I settled down with my man to watch 'Love Actually'. I love that film - just light and fun, but with a good cry thrown in for good measure ! Emma Thompson's tears are so moving.

Back to work the last couple of days and, although it pains me to get up with the alarm clock, I do love it. I work as a teaching assistant in a primary school, with 5/6 year olds. I don't feel I can talk about it here too much, because you just don't know who might be out there. Yuk, that is not a nice thought. But those little sweethearts just make me the happiest woman. I can't believe I get paid to help them.

I went for my 3rd run of the year today. Just 2 miles again, but that's 3 runs in a week and I am building up gradually. Walk/run, walk/run. I chose a bad time to go out as it was home time for the local Secondary School. Lots of 14 year olds filling the pavement as I puffed along !! Still I only had one comment of " Run, Forrest, run !!!" Better than the last comment I heard a couple of years ago when I first started " Lardy Arse ! Lardy Arse ! " Charming.

At the age I am I can handle that !! If they can all still run when they are my age then Good Luck to them ! I am not a natural runner, but when my dad died 6 years ago I took my life in hand and started to power walk, then run. I am very proud to say that I have walked 4 marathons, run 2 half marathons and am determined to run a full marathon one day - hopefully 2008- in London.

I feel that I can say stuff like that here as I am not talking face to face and hopefully won't be seen as boasting. I am just proud to have done them as I was never very athletic. And I hope that my Dad would be proud.

Well I have rambled on a lot today so I will stop. See you tomorrow.

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