Sunday, 28 January 2007

Dinosaurs and old friends.................

Today we went on a magical mystery tour to surprise a friend of ours. My boys met a boy on holiday last summer who lives on the coast. As a treat for his birthday his parents arranged to take him to the Natural History Museum and to " accidentally " bump into us !!

His face was a picture !! So we spent the day looking at dinosaur bones and other relics that the boys loved. We had a picnic lunch in the basement, complete with birthday cake.

By the end of the day when we travelled back on the train we were all exhausted !! So here I am with a cup of tea, just filling you in. My favourite exhibit was The Leafcutter Ants which I hope you can see live here !!. Let's hope my link works !!

See you tomorrow. x


trixie stix said...

These special surprises we give our children will be some of what they remember most about us as adults. You are a great parent.

Sarah said...

Trixie, you are so lovely to say that. Thank you. S