Monday, 1 January 2007

January 1st and all's well.......

How lovely to be in January. Today is the first day of being slim, fit and generally gorgeous. I went for a run in the January sunshine, huffing and puffing for 2 miles. My 5 mile race goal is in May. Then a Half Marathon in July. The first few weeks will be hardest and then, hopefully I will be back in the swing.

This year I hope will be better than last. I want to be a better person and the running will help. Even my boys say I'm nicer when I run. I just have to be strong and think of my goals. Part of me wonders if it is worth it. Will I ever really be properly fit ? Who am I trying to kid ? I want to run the 2008 London Marathon, and as I have applied for the last 5 years and not got in, this time when I apply I should. And if I am going to do this I have to do it well.

But I am short ( 5') plump ( 140+ pounds ) and not confident that I can do it. Maybe I can do it. I have to try.

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