Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Life goes on.......

Yes, life goes on and I have thought long and hard over the last 2 days. I have calmed down a lot. I am just so grateful that my boy is ok - things could have been a whole lot worse. We are very lucky to have a good solid family with a strong foundation. Love and cuddles go a long way.

I have been so grateful to my blog friends whose comments and thoughts helped a lot. Thank you Farmwife, Trixie and Emily . You are lovely. And Emily I wasn't offended at fact you made me laugh out loud. What you said was so true and how I felt.

I feel very priveleged that you all visit me here.

There is no progress as of this moment with the police, but I am hopeful as they have been viewing cctv. Let's hope they get him.

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Farm Wife said...

I'm glad you are coping well. I hope the police catch the man so he cannot hurt another child...and I hope your boy can move on from this. With the love and support he's getting at home, I'm sure he will.