Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Casinos and crashes.......

So tonight my Man and I are off to work together. In a long ago life I was a croupier. I worked in casinos for 11 years and sometimes I get a little job dealing at a Fun Casino. A Fun Casino is when people play the games, but its not for real. You get pretend money and there are real dealers i.e me. They think its fun and all very glamorous, without the risk of their own cash going down the chute.

And it pays well. All good. Easy money.

Tonight we are working from 9pm until 12 - back home by 1am. And the babysitter just called to say she can't make it as she just crashed her car. Thank Goodness she is ok. Shaken, but not stirred.

We have just made a load of phone calls to try and get some help with child care. And my Man's brother has come to the rescue. Well, his wife actually. But they are being very kind. We are taking the boys to their house to stay the night and then I'll pick them up at 7am. I am going to be so tired tomorrow. Still, such is the price of greed. I wanted the money and now I'll have to pay for it - if you know what I mean ?

All I have to do now is attempt to look glamorous. Oh, boy! I'd better get started !!


Margot said...

I bet you looked stunning!
Thanks a lot for having added the picture of the cardboard village, and say "bravo" to the kids from me, it really looks... funny and adorable ;-)

trixie stix said...

What a fun way to spend the eening and make some money! Sleep well tomorrow.

trixie stix said...

eening = evening in my pre-coffee state. Sorry.

Sarah said...

Glad you liked the village Margot! And yes, it was a fun night last night, Trixie. We didn't start work until 10pm, so 2 hours Blackjack with a nice bunch of people.

Farm Wife said...

OH, I haven't scrolled down far enough to see the village! I can't wait!

I hope you had a good time, & I'm glad the sitter is ok!