Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Family history

This is the only photo I have of my family on my Dad's side. It was taken in 1918 and my Grandad is at the back on the left. I have been researching our family history and have managed to get back to about 1800. I wish I knew more about these people though.

I know where they were in 1901, but it is hard to fill in the intervening years. I wish I had talked to my Grandad when he was alive about his life and family. The memories die forever when the people pass away.

I know that the baby on my Great Granny's knee was killed in the Second World War. He was on a ship off Gibraltar that was bombed in 1940.

The young man on the far right was a fab footballer who played for Ipswich Town, but then he seems to have disappeared. What happened to him ?

These were real people with everyday lives. My Great Grandad was a teacher, but before him they were all farmers and agricultural labourers. I wish I knew more. If you have relatives with great memories, even of normal, average things, talk to them, find out how life was. I wish I had.


Margot said...

Wow! I never thought about researching my family history! I know that we're from England originally, that I'm acquainted to a certain Lord Eckels (well, that's how it's to be pronounced but not sure about the spelling though), a poet - could explain some things about me - but that's about it.
Interesting research! Keep going!

Farm Wife said...

I have family members that keep track of all this...I've never been able to keep it all strait. I do know 2 of my Great-grands were teachers and G-Pa proposed to Granny in a letter that was later published in Remenice (?) magazine. We have a few pictures, but I'd love to have copies.

You should check the link to The Silver Lining on my blog. My Aunt has posted pictures of her family lately...not nearly as old as yours, but I love them.

trixie stix said...

Isn't it amazing to ponder on what we leave behind? Who will remember us? What have we done to keep our memory alive? You are doing a fine thing, researching your family. Maybe your boys will want to know the information someday, and you will be able to give it to them. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

point number 5 is not true - we all know that you swear like a bloody navvy.

Your bigger little brother.

lauren said...

I found the ship manifests from my great-grandparents' arrival to the states from Germany. My Dad has a trunk that came from Italy with his other grandmother. We're such a mix, it will be hard to track everyone down. I heard somewhere that a great-great uncle was a fighter pilot for Musolini... I hope not.