Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Roast pork, snuggles and snow............

Tonight the forecast is snow, and lots of it ! In my house we are hoping for a snow day tomorrow so there is no school for the boys, no school for Mummy and no work for Daddy. Just sledging and hot chocolate and lying by the fire watching a film as we warm up. Oh, yes!! We want a snow day !! We live on a hill and our sad entertainment from the warm of our house is watching the cars trying to get up it. Last snow day we counted 31 abandoned cars, buses, vans. Its pretty quiet around here so that took a lot.

The boys are downstairs watching, for a treat, England v Spain. ( soccer, that is ) When I've written this I'll go down and join them, snuggled on the sofa. My man should be finishing work soon and I am trying a new recipe - roast pork belly with garlic, fennel seeds and wine - slow roasted and served with mashed potatoes and roasted butternut squash. I'll make a nice rich gravy from the wine and meat juices. He'd better appreciate it !!!

I spoke to my cousin yesterday for the first time in ages. How did we fall out of touch ? She lives in the Lake District with hubby and family of gorgeous girls. We are hoping to get together over Easter. Out of all my cousins she is the one I've seen the most of and I like her a lot. She makes me laugh. When I started my job she said " You're working with children ? - but Sarah you hate children !!" Well, only some of the time. I am looking forward to she and me , round the kitchen table with a bottle of wine, catching up.

I broke my rules today and invited my brothers and sister to read my blog. I hope they come. I hope they like it.

And lastly, have a look on the side. I've linked some places I like to shop at. Actually, mostly I just press my nose up against the glass and gaze wistfully......... Maybe you'd like to join me being wistful ?


trixie stix said...

Your'e making me hungry with all the talk of food.

Sarah said...

I have to say, it was delicious I'll cook it again, and he did appreciate it !!

Margot said...

Sounds like a lovely recipe.
If you feel like sharing it, please send it to me at