Friday, 16 February 2007

Valentines, Pigs and Purgatory.............

This Valentines Day my man and I have been together for 20 years! I can't really believe it. It doesn't seem 5 minutes to me - to him ( he says ) it seems much longer. Personally I think he's pretty lucky to have me too; how many other wives would happily watch Arsenal v Bolton on Valentine's Night ?! I cooked a lovely meal for us - Avocado followed by Beef Wellington and salad, followed by molten chocolate pots and we drank champagne until I fell asleep. "You don't mind waiting 20 years and a day to celebrate ?" I mumbled into the pillow.
My man did me proud as far as gifts went. A dozen red roses, Clinique skin care that he'd noticed I was running short of and...... wait for it........ a DVD karaoke/dance thing. On Valentines morning I stood with the 2 boys infront of the tv dancing to a strange Avatar Instructress. My man knows that I am partial to a bit of karaoke and have been known to dance on tables, but this ?!! He certainly made me laugh. I am lucky and I love him so much.
Yesterday we drove to a pig farm. I had seen it on tv and wanted to have a look/buy some meat. So off we went. The piglets were gorgeous. I would have enjoyed the day more if I wasn't feeling so awful. That's the purgatory bit of my post. I am usually pretty healthy, but UG! I woke up last night, have felt pretty mediocre all day, with a head that felt it was about to explode. I am not good with pain. Thank Goodness my man was there. He really cared for me. I feel much better today, but I don't ever want to feel like that again.

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