Saturday, 31 March 2007


Ok, so I know that it must be my pesky hormones again, but...... I am so BORED!! I only just started the holidays, but I am grumpy and fed up and bored, bored,bored. My mum would tell me to go and weed the garden or bake a cake or go out. But that is not the cure. This is the bored that is hormonally induced and not helped by watching Casino Royale last night.
I had never considered Daniel Craig before, as blonde is not my thing, but HOLEY MOLEY!! He is one fine, fine man. At least, in his role as lethal James Bond, and as in being a man with ice blue eyes and fatally attractive abs. ( not to mention legs, shoulders etc etc )
I can definitely say that I quite like him. Pesky hormones. My Man, gorgeous as he is, is not a trained killer with a heart of gold. Well, actually he does have a heart of gold, but not the abs to go with it any more. Ooooh. Now I'm rambling hopelessly.
I think that I am definitely going to have to go and have a shower. Cold. I am shaken and stirred............


Margot said...

Funny, blond is not my thing either and even more funny, I am not much into abs and everything.
Anyway, we're all allowed to have some pesky hormones playing with our nerves sometime or other, aren't we?
I'm sure you'll be feeling all chirpy again tomorrow, or so I hope.
Weed the garden might not be a good cure but a hot chocolate might do the trick, no?
I just made myself one, after a day of wild baby bunny eye-dropper feeding.
Thanks for your comment by the way. I get enough sleep, don't worry, bunny kits need only to be fed thrice a day maximum, it's more worrying about them that tires me.
Anyway, they're both fine and - thank Heaven - asleep for tonight.
So I made myself a hot chocolate (with more chocolate than milk lol) and that does help! Try some!
I hope you're feeling better already...

one tired bunny foster mom ;-)

Sarah said...

chocolate is always a good idea, dear bunny foster mummy! I shall try some! I am not usually into abs either, but tonight I am !! Funny things these hormones - I prefer this to being really miserable though! Don't worry - I am fine. Sleep well. x

Joshua said...

Yummy! He looks good enough to eat too!

slaghammer said...

He seems a little out of kilter to me, you know, out of balance or something. I can’t put my finger on it. Maybe if some of his pec bulk were shifted to his belly and converted to fat. That would be a good start, and then maybe cover his back with great matts of long, course hair, yes I think that would be an improvement. Perhaps a beard like Fidel Castro and skinny legs, perfect. Now that would be a guy I could point to and say, “I could do that.”

Sarah said...

Now, Slaghammer, you are talking.And perhaps if I could persuade him to consume half my daily intake of chocolate and crisps he could start to develop an attractive sheen of grease and pimples. Yes, I'm getting quite quivery now.
Joshua, maybe we were being shallow, just looking at the pure animal gorgeousness of him? Maybe we should go the Slaghammer route and be attracted to the inner man ?Maybe we should all aim at being Daniel Craig in an alternete universe?No. I just want him the way he is. No warts and all. Shallow? Me? Yes.