Tuesday, 6 March 2007


Well, I am not often lost for words, but I have to say that my Man excelled himself this year getting tickets to Madame Butterfly! I felt so privileged to be at the Royal Albert Hall to watch this. The opera was performed in the round and the floor of the Hall was flooded to form a Japanese water garden with a little Japanese house in the middle. You are not supposed to take photos, but I couldn't resist !!
I have never been to the opera before and could not believe how their voices soared.
Ai-Lan Zhiu played Madame Butterfly and was on stage for most of the time. She was so beautiful. I just had the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end.
As the performance drew to a close the tears started to fall, it was so moving. There is something so magical about the way music can take you to another place. I was transported and didn't want it to end. But it did, and I cried a lot. I managed to hold it in getting out of the building and then sobbed down the street and into the car. And they were happy tears. Tears of joy to have been lucky enough to be there. I absolutely loved it. Glorious. Thank you, my Man for such a wonderful birthday present.


Farm Wife said...

Good Job, Sarah's Man! It looks fabulous!

I am so glad you had a good time!

trixie stix said...

The photos take my breath away.

You had your very own re-enactment of Pretty Woman! How fun. Definately, your man did an over the top job of making you happy on your special day.

Sarah said...

Sometimes life is good, hey ? I thought of Pretty Woman that night and I knew how she felt!! S

Lea said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, a little while ago now, Sarah - your blog is beautiful! And wow, this looks like a stunning evening - thanks for sharing it with us!

Sarah said...

Thank you Lea! Glad you came to visit. Do come again!! S