Saturday, 3 March 2007

One for Joshua................

Having been reading Joshua's blog for a while now I know how frustrated he gets with shops, shop assistants and so on !!! His posts have made me laugh as I recognise the eye-crossingly maddening attitude of some shop assistants.So I thought I'd tell a tale of a good shop assistant.

I went into Waitrose yesterday to get a few things. I dashed in, picked up wine, chocolates, flowers for my sister-in-law who looked after the boys the other day after our baby sitting crisis. As I waited to be served I realised that the girl on the till was chatting to the lady she was serving. The said lady looked a trifle bemused, obviously unaccustomed to actually being spoken to in a supermarket. Usually, in most of them you get a grunt if you're lucky.

When it was my turn I smiled and said "Hello!" Well, what a lovely girl she was. "Hello! Now what are you buying ? Ooooh, wine, chocolates, flowers ! You're going to have a lovely weekend !"

"Actually, they're not for me, they're for my sister-in-law who babysat for me this week at short notice. "

"Wow! I'll babysit for you any time! Oh, I love your ring! Is it 3 rings or one ?"

All the time she is still putting my goods through the laser bleep thing, not keeping anyone behind me waiting. All the time she chatted away, smiling, interested.

"Would you like any cash back? No? Well, thank you very much! Have a great weekend ! Byee!!"

She made me smile, she made me feel happy and she made me think I ought to go back to Waitrose more often. I looked for a supervisor to sing her praises, but couldn't see any. Still, I hope she gets a rise !!!


Joshua said...

Now see...that's how service should be! Thanks for singing praises on my blog...I'm so glad you enjoy reading! :) I enjoy writing it. :)

Joshua said...
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