Monday, 19 March 2007

Things that drive me nuts................

Ok so here I am again. Slightly grumpy, having been "on a course" at work today. What a waste of time that was. Typical of our education system - another way of ticking a box to say that all the Teaching Assistants have a new qualification, but have we actually learnt anything ? NOOO!!

So here I list just a few of the myriad things that occasionally get under my skin.

1. red tape loving self important jobsworths.

2. people who smile but say rude bitchy things

3. drivers who sit in the middle lane then speed up when you try to overtake.

4. people who smoke and can see no wrong in it.

5. people who think they know everything and talk over you loudly.

6. people who don't say thank you.

7. men who go to the pub every night and expect their wives to sort out everything at home.

8. dogs.

9. people who make lists.

10. people who list things, but don't finish on an even number.

Right, that's it. One grumpy English bird, signing off. Make me feel better - what grumps you out ? Is it grumpy English birds ?


trixie stix said...

I agree with everything on your list but one. . . I make lists, lot's and lot's of lists. Every night I check off what I have done and make a new one for the next day. If I don't, then I can't fall asleep at night. So I hope you still like me after knowing I am an awful list maker! :-)

~ L.

Sarah said...

Trixie, of course I still like you !! I make masses of lists, in my head, on my blog, on my fridge!! Maybe I'll change that bit!! S

Margot said...
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Margot said...

Why dogs?
I understand quite a lot of the things you've listed but why dogs?

Well, then, here I go : ten things (just ten 'cause I could fill pages I think) that drive me crazy :

1 - missing the bus because my guy nicely offers to bring me to College and then arriving late because he wasn't ready on time.

2 - men in cars : they act as though the whole world should be crawling at their feet but they won't crawl for anyone. (that's especially my guy to be honest)

3 - rain when the sun is shining bright or even worse : an icy wind and three f...... snowflakes while I'm going to College. I mean, can't we have that kind of weather on days that I don't have to go out?

4 - dogs that kill rabbits - especially when they're mine.

5 - my guy. (What? Yes, I admit he drives me crazy more often than not. He has this way of knowing everything which you describe so accurately)

6 - time... Well the lack of it to be more precise.

7 - my literature teacher at the moment. I don't know why but he's been getting on my nerves these last two weeks. (he's also my boss so that doesn't help, does it?).

8 - drugs. I hate life with artefacts.
But then again, I should shut up my big mouth because I smoke (but I do know and admit the harm of it, I will quit.

9 - coming to a seminar without having read the book it's about. I hate that and hate myself for doing it.

10 - well, here's one from my deep psychological side ^^ :
I sometimes truly hate myself.

VoilĂ  ;-)

Sarah said...

Well, Margot, I was feeling grumpy wasn't I? Sorry to everyone who loves dogs, but I just don't really. I just think they're a bit smelly and annoying. Oooops. I've done it now. Please don't hate me. And please don't hate you - I think you're lovely. ( But you must read your assigned books, young lady, or I will get cross!) S

Margot said...

Hihi, I won't hate you for not liking dogs! I'm a free helper at our local humane society so I can't say I don't like them... But I'm more into cats really (and rabbits of course). Can't blame you for the "smelly" part, haha, when our lovely Bull terrier comes to great in the morning and opens her mouth it's like the North Sea just walked into the living room!
Anyway, I don't blame you, don't worry.
I know I mustn't hate me, but I'm sure you know those moments, everyone has them I suppose...
Oh, and I've started reading the book, but really : what am I going to write in that bloody report about Burrough's "Naked Lunch". I don't like it, can't help it...
Oh, and one last thing, you were not in the least as grumpy as my man can be. Trust me, that's one hell of a grumpy guy I have (that was in fact the eleventh point of my list).

Thanks for finding me lovely ;-)