Monday, 23 April 2007

Two boys, two very different lives......

I was browsing online the other day using Stumbleupon when I came upon this site. Its called Shane's Wish. There is a little boy in Canada who at the age of 5 was diagnosed with Leukaemia.His name is Shane. Please go and have a look at the site. He was undergoing treatment but has had a relapse. It is his birthday in 35 days or so and his big plan is to break the world record for the most birthday cards received. His story moved me. I hope that it moves you with its simplicity and poignancy. Go now.

Now, if you went and came back - good for you!! This next bit is about another boy, a little older and in very different circumstances. He is my boy. Son #1. And today, for his Cubs badge he was practising cooking!! He wants to get his Chef's Badge and to do this he has to cook us a 3 course meal. He has been trawling my recipe books and has come up with a menu that he will prepare at the weekend. More of that another day!!

But tonight he was so keen to cook. And he did - chilli con carne. He did absolutely everything ( under my instruction) and made the most delicious chilli I've had in ages! What a star!! He even washed up as he went along. A lot of firsts involved:

  • chopping onion

  • opening tins

  • frying meat

  • timing

He is so serious and brilliant. I was soooooooo proud!!! My baby!! And he stood tall, chest puffed up - gorgeous. Have a look at what he made!!

Not bad for an under 10!! The white stuff is creme fraiche. Please note the fluffy rice!!


Farm Wife said...

Yummy!!! Can I come over for dinner?! How old is he? I am seriously impressed!

trixie stix said...

Ok, it's almost lunch time here and he is making me hungry. He did a fantastic job!

PS - you can learn to knit if you want to. ;-)

Sarah said...

I am impressed too Farm Wife. He's 9 and it really was delicious! And Trixie, I keep looking at the knitting stuff and then walking away. My last attempt was for my niece when she was born ( a sweater). She's now 13 and the sweater is still not finished!! S