Monday, 7 May 2007

We're back......

We are back. I am so proud of my boys. You know, I saw a new side to both of them this weekend. Son #1 went on tour with a team made up of half his usual team and half boys from a lower team. To be honest those boys were not good and although they all tried hard my boy didn't win any matches. He was the captain and he took it hard. He lives for football and gave everything he had.

Son #2 was supposed to be in the Under 7's but was moved up to the Under 8's with 2 other boys because they were the best in the Under 7's and the 8's needed players. But they got put in a team of, again, awful players. They lost nearly every game.

But both my boys battled to the end. They ran their hearts out, encouraged the other players and did all they could to win. I've never seen such determination on their faces. My heart swelled with pride. They said nothing about the boys who were not so good.They ran and ran and ran, never giving up. They took it all on the chin, although they couldn't hide the fact that they were gutted.

It takes a special kind of courage to act that way. A quiet belief in themselves - a strength that runs deep. As a mummy I have never been so proud.


trixie stix said...

Good sportmaship, if I do say so!

All behaviors are learned and it is a true testament to you, your husband and all their coaches (but espeically parents) that they did so well.

I am proud of them!

Farm Wife said...

I am sorry they didn't win, but very impressed that they were good sports about it just the same. That says a lot about their characters...and their Mum & Dad!

Love, love, love the quote.

Sarah said...

Thanks Trixie and thanks Farm Wife. S