Monday, 27 August 2007

Oh I love widgets !!

Ok, this is just a short post. I have got rid of my poll for now as nobody actually took part. That's ok. I just have to make it more interesting. But I have put on a new widget that shows where I have been in the world. Pretty cool. I now have to go to Portugal as it is sticking out like a sore thumb on my map. I also have to do a whole lot of travelling in Eastern Europe/ Asia. Better start saving !!


FarmWife said...

My, my! Aren't you a well traveled young lady? I've been to...let's see here...oh, yes, no where. I've never left the country. It's sad.

Sarah said...

I have been very lucky, Farm Wife ! Maybe I'll write it down some day ! And anyway, you are still young - lots of time to travel!! Sarah

trixie stix said...


Mum's the Word said...

Very cool. I am envious of all the traveling you have done! I want to get one of those maps so I can have something to aspire to!

Sarah said...

We did most of them when we went backpacking around the world in 1991.That was a great year !! Sarah