Thursday, 27 September 2007

Scrumptious Sushi !

The other day my colleague who now works in the classroom with us, mentioned that she was having a sushi night on Wednesday. It turns out that she loves cooking and was having some Japanese friends over. I, being perennially greedy, just happened to mention that I loved sushi !

Well, today D brought in some sushi that she had left over. Seaweed leaves wrapped around sticky rice with smoked salmon , avocado and pickled radish. She also brought in pickled yellow stuff and pickled ginger and soy sauce to dip in. Oh, I was in Heaven !!! It was just gorgeous. What a clever thing she is !! And how kind !!


FarmWife said...

I think that was a wonderful surprise!

Margot said...

Hmm, I'm feeling hungry now ;-)