Thursday, 4 October 2007

I had a great idea for a post......

At some point today I had a great idea for a post. I remember thinking " Gosh! That's an interesting and thought provoking idea! " But as I sit here, fingers ready to dance across the keyboard with my ground breaking piece of philosophy........... for the life of me I can't remember what it was.

Do you have days like that ? Sometimes I wonder whether perhaps a micro chip has been embedded in my brain by the dark powers that lurk in the corridors of government. A micro chip that can sense when I am about to have an original thought and that has the ability to erase it neatly from my head, before I have the ability to write it down or communicate it to another human being. Its as if I am thinking thinking thinking and just about to be profound when......THUD..... a brick wall. And I'm back to being Mrs Housewife, without a deep thought in my entire being.

I reckon that any minute now my computer will crash and even this bit of nonsense will be disappeared. Or perhaps I should just accept that maybe I am verging on paranoia ? If you are reading this then there can be no chip. Unless of course they are double bluffing. Oh, Good Grief !! I am going to check myself in for a lobotomy and get back to blogging about Sunday lunches.

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Josh said...

Oh me. I have totally been there. Sometimes I can't remember what I thought about a moment ago. LOL. I hate that especially when I'm trying to blog!!!