Saturday, 24 November 2007

What a week!! What a day !!

Oh, Good Grief !! What a week!! Its been pretty good on the whole, if a little busy. But then life is always busy these days. Still, today was a pretty awful day. I went to football with Son#2 and it was called off due to the frost. My Man went with son#1 and FIL. It was very cold, but they still played. FIL was cold and went into the cafe to have a warm up. My Man was on the touchline when he heard a thud. He looked round and his Dad was face down on the concrete.

Of course he ran over expecting the worst. I think he suspected a heart attack. Luckily this was not the case, but FIL had missed his footing and stumbled, falling headlong. My Man said that when he got to him there was blood everywhere from a massive gash on his forehead - probably 5 inches long. When he spoke to me to let me know what had happened as they waited for the ambulance he sounded very shocked, understandably.

The other people at football were, by all reports, amazing. They wrapped FIL in their coats, attended to his cut, looked after son#1 who was very upset to see Grandad hurt, brought son home and drove our car to the hospital to meet my Man and FIL in the ambulance. We are so lucky to have such good people in our lives.

The hospital checked FIL over and stitched him up ( about 25+ stitches ) and then promptly discharged him. That's great isn't it ? 80 year old man with a heart condition who lives alone. So my Man is spending the night there to take care of him.

And do you know how gorgeous my neighbours are ? They knocked on my door with a plate of home-made Onion bhajis, followed later by home-made curry, potatoes and naan bread. "We knew you were on your own. " They said. I love my neighbours. They are the best.

So, I hope that FIL is not feeling too awful and that he gets some sleep tonight. I am just glad that he didn't break anything or have a heart attack from the shock.


Margot said...

Wow... An awful day indeed! I too hope that he is feeling better now and that he - and the rest of the family - is not too shocked by what happened.
And, gosh, what a lovely neighbours you have indeed!
Honestly, something like this happens here and I think nobody would move a finger!
Hope you're feeling a little better yourself too, and that you get some rest!
Missing you ;-)

Mum's the Word said...

My very best to your FIL, you and your man and the boys. I know it is hard to see someone you love go through something like that. I'm just glad that your man was so close by when it happened. Kudos to all who helped you out...true friends, indeed.