Saturday, 12 January 2008

Masked Ball...

Tonight I am going to a Masked Ball. I have bought the most lovely mask and you would think that I would be happy. But you know what ? I'm not. Its the age old cry of women everywhere.


And what makes it worse is that I have a couple of dresses that I can wear to this, but my body is letting me down. I have just zero confidence in them. I feel old, frumpy and overweight. My boobs are just bulging out of both dresses like 2 big bags of semolina, my tummy is flabby, my arms are like 2 anacondas that escaped from a zoo where they were being overfed.

I must pull myself together. I must. It doesn't matter how you look, does it ? But I am, as I have said before, shallow to the shallow core. Despite running 4 times a week for God knows how many weeks I am still flabby. I don't know the people hugely well, but they are all loaded and I'm not. So there I will be in my Sale dress with my home made wrap and they will be dripping designer " stuff ".

I have taken some herbal " pick you up " pills and am hoping that this self-induced orgy of self pity and woe will disappear in time. How pathetic am I that my main worry in life is looking frumpy at a masked ball ? I am now going to slap myself with a satin shoe and remind myself forcefully that some people tonight have no food, no home and would probably regard me as somewhat of a silly cow.


trixie stix said...

I know your pain. But, I can tell you with 100% certainty, when it comes right down to it . . . your man thinks your sexy and #1 no matter what you wear. So go naked! Teasing, you will look marvelous, as always.

Margot said...

Sarah, you just made me laugh out loud.
I hadn't dropped by in a while but this I will not forget soon!
I'm sure you looked magnificent!