Monday, 21 July 2008

6 weeks of summer bliss....

Here we are... the first official day of the Summer Holidays. How blissful !! There is something to be said for working in a school - the holidays are fab !! Knowing that I will soon lapse into sinful sloth I decided, today, to make the most of feeling happy and organised and have spent the day tidying son#2's bedroom.

Yes, I know that this sounds dull to the extreme, but there is something hugely therapeutic about sorting and polishing, organising and throwing away. I have thrown everything that was old, broken, missing pieces, too small, rubbish, too young. All in all 3 big black sacks of stuff have left his bedroom and 3 bags of clothes to go to the charity shop. His bedroom is now a neat, tidy, sweet smelling place where he can be content. Hurrah !!

Now I have to slowly work my way through the whole house !! Luckily we only live in a tiny place so it won't be that hard !!. My thinking is that if I do it now then I can enjoy the rest of the hols in a clean lovely house without feeling guilty. We just have too much " stuff ". I suppose this is the scourge of the Western world - material possessions taking over. Well, this house is going to be stripped !! It is quite shocking to think that I found Christmas presents in my son's room that are untouched, unopened - some still in plastic wrappers.
Still, now I've started and I'm happy... so all's well !!!

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