Friday, 11 July 2008

Lemon on wheels !!

I love my little lemon on wheels !!! I picked it up today and it is the sweetest thing !! It is so.... yellow !! I was going to take a photo, but the heavens opened as I arrived home and I felt that a sunny pic would be better. So I will wait and post a pretty pic asap. This slightly sporty looking version is not mine, but pretty close - mine has silvery wheels and a smaller aerial.

My man let me in on a secret today... He is taking me away for our anniversary... We will have been together for 16 years and we are going to the most gorgeous, poshest place !!

I have fancied this place for ages, ever since I did a fun casino job there years ago. I have never mentioned it to my man so I don't know how he found it !! I think perhaps he has sold something vital to afford it. Come to think of it... I've not seen my mum for a while...


FarmWife said...

That is the sweetest little thing on 4 wheels!! I adore it!

And I am pea green with envy at your vacation prospect...mine was a one room cabin with a sleeping loft for 6 people to stay in! Posh was never mentioned! :)

Windshield Replacement MN said...

You have a very relaxing 4 wheels! Sweet!