Saturday, 23 August 2008

London 2012 Olympics yippee!!!

I have spent the last week, since we returned from our hols, glued to the telly. It has been, at times, uncomfortable ( don't really know why I used such strong glue ) but the pain has definitely been helped by having the tv switched constantly to the Olympics. I always enjoy watching the Games, but this year the timing has been brilliant. From cycling to boxing, from sprinting to marathon swims, I have not been able to tear myself away.

I love the excitement, the emotion, the despair. I love the pre race chat, the post race post mortems. I love the pride in country and I love seeing grown men cry as their National Anthems are played. It doesn't really matter who wins, to me, but, of course, it is special to see the Team GB athletes succeed. I like a good cry and this year has seen me regularly wiping salty tears from my ample cleavage. I seem to leak copiously and uncontrollably, down my face, throat, chest and only my clothes stop me from getting water marks on the carpet.

My favourites this year have been the cycling and athletics, closely followed by James Degale in the boxing. And all this has inspired me to volunteer for 2012. I would imagine that my chances of being chosen for the 5000m or my speciality event, the Marathon, are quite low. But I reckon that to be involved in some way in the London Olympics would be incredible. I would wear my little uniform with pride as I directed people towards the the toilets. Or maybe I could marshall on a race ? Or help present medals ? To be a part of something so enormous would be fantastic, just fantastic. Its not often that we Brits stand up and swell our chests with pride, but I think that in 4 years time we may well do so... and I want to be a part of it.

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