Monday, 1 September 2008

Working for a living sucks...

Back to work with a bump today. I was actually really rather excited about going in, but have come away pissed off and feeling useless. Perhaps, well, probably, I was arrogant to think that in my position I played an important role. Today, though, I realise that I am insignificant. My views, my input, my presence ... all unnecessary and unimportant. We are told that we are an integral part of the Team, but, in reality we are still gophers, last to know anything, unappreciated.

Yes, I am feeling very sorry for myself. I have to just put on a smiley face and go in tomorrow as if I just love being there. There is no point complaining - I will just make myself look like a miserable old cow. And I have learned today that I have to get on with my job and do as I am told - whatever that may be. If I don't like it - tough.

I should not have got above my station, should I ?


bluelikethesky said...

"Team" is - quite simply - the single most bogus concept in the entire world of work.

In my last full-time job, I was the "boss" of a large staff, with only one teeeeeeeny layer (two people) above me at the university. Even so, I never seemed to be able to get much done. A bureaucracy may be tiny, but it's still a 'cracy.

As a colleague at my level in the food chain put it, "We have all of the responsibility with none of the authority."

trixie stix said...

I feel you sister!

Even though I am on maternity leave, we are working through some issues at my place of employment (a local school) and my input seems trivial. And it's my job that is affected!