Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Sarah's Weekly Poll. Please click... I'm nosy!!

I am, at this moment, somewhere between making a Roman shield and writing a project on Natural Forces. Well, when I say that, I mean that I am trying to persuade my little darlings to do so.

If you thought for one moment that school holidays were about putting your feet up, spending time together as a family and generally having some fun..... think again. School holidays are a time to do school projects. They are a time in which to practise one's skills of persuasion and encouragement. You know that they don't want to do a project on Natural Forces. They would rather be out playing football. But the project has to be done. As a parent you have to guide them in how to create their masterpiece... and yet not guide too much. The teacher knows that you, a 44 year old mother, can make a shield, type a project, research the facts. They need to see your 9/10 year olds efforts.

However, if you just shut them in a room with all they needed and said... get on with it... Armageddon would ensue. Yes. Gentle guidance, calm encouragement, a bit each day. That's what is required. Easier said than done. Son# 1's idea of a project is to go online and just copy and paste as much info as possible. " Plagiarism r Us " And then he finds himself, as if by magic, on the Arsenal site or Match Magazine. Funny that...

Son# 2 is somewhat better organised, inspite of being younger. He has an idea and gets stuck in. Hurrah !! I shall post pics of his shield a bit later in the week.

Now, what I was coming to is this..... DA DA DA DAAAAAAA!!!!!!

Sarah's Weekly Poll !!!

I am, by nature, a nosy person. So I have decided to start a poll. I would love to know, to start with, where are you ?? Where do you blog or lurk from ?? Please click on my little poll... I will love you forever. It is a free service and you won't have to reveal anything. Just click, baby !!!


Gail said...

You make me smile. Also glad my girls are grown.

Inkling said...

I clicked on your poll, though I had to choose the USA. I am American, but actually live north of the States in Canada.

Good luck with the homework this year. You gave me a good chuckle with the cartoon you found to match the post. =)

Kork said...

Sorry I'm late to the poll party...but I'm sort of anti-poll these days what with the election coming to a crazy, mud-slinging climax over the next days...I'm so glad we have a "Mute" button.

I'm also looking forward to the gentle guidance (read "get your hind-end seated and do your homework NOW!) of my own kiddos...