Sunday, 2 November 2008

Beautiful memories...

I was thinking the other day about memories of beautiful things... you know... events or pictures in your mind that jump into your head like a vivid video reel... even if they took place many years ago, you can still feel that feeling, almost smell the smells and hear the sounds. Still recall the lump in your throat and how your breath was taken away by the shocking, surprising beauty of something.

Now, to tell you here what my memories are, will be like trying to eat a cardboard model of an orange... I'll know how its supposed to taste, but to try and make you understand the sweetness and indescribable gorgeousness will be nearly impossible ! Bear with me ?!

What would really interest me would be to know your memories... maybe your top 3 memories of something you found absolutely beautiful ? Now that would be good... but for now... here are mine... in no particular order ( as they say on the telly )

Firstly was the sunrise, in 1981, as I sat with my Man on top of Ayers Rock in Australia. We had slept in the desert the night before, under the stars, then risen at about 4am to climb the Rock. It was so hard , so steep, and I did not think that I would manage it, but my Man kept me going, right to the top. We sat together in the darkness, with the cool morning breeze drifting over our faces, and the sky gradually became molten. I remember sitting, with tears streaming down my face at the absolute beauty, as the Rock was drenched in the amber light. I felt so privileged to be witness to something so beautiful and sacred.
Next memory, I went to a concert at a local school and all the usual assortment of children and their instruments took their place on the stage to perform. Some were good, some not so good... all did their best. Towards the end of the evening a young boy shuffled onto the stage. He was overweight, a little spotty and looked embarrassed. I remember looking at my watch and wondering if it was nearly time to go home. And then he sang. From the mouth of this young boy came the voice of an angel. He sang a classical piece that soared with emotion and again the tears cascaded down my cheeks. All around me other people were crying too and as he finished we gave him a standing ovation. Beautiful.

Then, snow. My first skiing trip and I was alone on a button lift. It was early morning and the sky was bright blue... no clouds. The air was crisp and cold. As I looked down at the snow, it was so perfect, so sparkling, that I just laughed and laughed. I sang at the top of my voice and whooped like a lunatic. I breathed in great lungfuls of the cold air and I can still see the snow glittering with a million diamonds.

There. Three things that I will never forget. They will always be there in my heart. Of course, there are many other memories... some more personal, of my Man, my children, but those three are pretty special to me. The good thing about such memories is that they are individual to us. As twee or naff as they might sound here on the page, I know what they were like in real life and they made me feel so alive at that moment.
Would you mind sharing your beautiful moments with me ? I know I'm being very nosy, but I'd love to hear... even just one... one that leaps out of your mind, without having to think about it too hard. Go on.... please ??

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