Sunday, 23 November 2008

A day of running and cooking and happiness...

Well, that's a nice title isn't it ? And it has been a nice day. I wrote on my running blog about my run so I won't ramble on about it on here. Suffice to say that I enjoyed myself. Since then I have been in Earth Mother mode. I made leek and potato soup for lunch, then apple pie for dinner and in a little while I will be on roast chicken duty. There is something just gorgeous about Sundays when my Man is off and I can fuddle about in the kitchen making lovely meals for all - listening to son#2 play Christmas carols on his trumpet.

At the moment the three of them are up on the field playing football. In half an hour I shall put the chicken in and prepare my vegetables. Then this evening we can settle down together and relax.

I had a funny thought when I was running today. ( Its amazing the rubbish that whirls around your head when you're running ! ) I thought " I wonder if I could be an MP ??" Then I steadied myself and laughed. An MP ( for those of you in other countries ) is a Member of Parliament and something not to be taken lightly. You can't just turn up and say " Here I am ! I fancy a go at this !! "

The reason for this sudden ambition, however, is because of a meeting I had with a lady last weekend. She is councillor ( not the listening to problems type, the working for the council type ) for an area local to me. She reached this heady position only recently and because she was chosen by our local MP. He had been canvassing in the area and when he knocked on her door she had a lot to say about local issues. He told her that he was impressed by the way she spoke and was she interested in becoming a councillor. Well, before she knew it she said yes. She had no prior experience of such things, but had worked as a nurse and in a Playgroup. She was so interesting to chat to and it made me think. I am only 44 - why not ? There are so many opportunities out there and I would love to do something that would benefit others.

Of course, I am probably kidding myself here. After all, I am not a business woman, not experienced in the ways of the world and would probably be eaten alive if I ventured into such territory. I am not seriously thinking of being an MP but I might be interested in doing some sort of work akin to the councillors. I don't know... maybe my hormones are just driving me nuts again !! Still, watch this space !


Gail said...

The only way to get business experience is just do it! You will do fine.
My pie looks so wonderful, I can almost smell it.

Inkling said...

I don't know why you shouldn't give it a go. After all, life experience counts for a lot, as does a level head and a good heart. The MP's here didn't go to any special school or anything, and they seem to do just fine getting elected. You could always start small and local, and work your way up. And hey, if you become PM when you're 60, we could all say we knew you way back when. =) Of course, I think it would be more fun to be the queen. But that's just because I think it would be neat to have all that jewelry and so many hats at my disposal.

Oh, and your name means princess, so maybe you do have ruling blood in you. =)