Sunday, 8 February 2009

A lemon cake recipe for you, ladies.

Today has been a mixed day. I had a good run, which is posted about on my other blog ( see the link on the right hand side ) complete with a little film I made. ( little being the operative word !!) My Man went to see his dad at the hospital again. He is so lovely. When we went yesterday I saw him and his brother being so incredibly kind and caring. They are truly good, good men.

I cooked a roast chicken and we all went for a walk in the snow. I have had a couple of requests for my lemon cake recipe so I have written it out for you. My apologies for the lack of Imperial measurements... the book I took it from only uses metric, so I hope you can cope. I will

have to try harder next time to help you, but tonight I'm afraid doing the calculations from metric to Imperial was just one step too far for my fuddled brain!!

It is snowing again this evening and I find myself hoping for another snow day off school tomorrow!! A girl could get used to not working, but obviously still getting paid!! Anyway, I am going to have a nice shower and then go to bed. I feel tired tonight. Hope you are all ok out there in Blogland. Take care. xx


Gail said...

I am loving "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone. Was not familiar with this artist but am adding to my list. Awesome! This may be my new theme song.

Kork said...

YUM! Thanks for sharing, and you should be able to Google "Metric baking units of measure to Imperial" to convert them if you can't/won't do the math yourself!

Margot said...

Thanks!! Hihi, the metric measures are no problem for me (the opposite would not have been true) and indeed, it's very easy to convert them with Google: you juste type the metric measure (for ex: 175gr) followed by "in ..." (the imperial measure you want) and Google does the math for you!
I've used it a lot while I was translating Gravlin's book.

I love you handwriting by the way!!

Sarah said...

I hope you all like the recipe! And thanks for the tip about google and conversions. I will try it. S xx