Tuesday, 3 February 2009

UK grinds to a halt because of snow....YIPPEEEEE!!!!!!

Another day off because of the snow.... yippeeee!! On the radio people have been bemoaning the fact that the UK grinds to a halt at the first snowflake. Irate men have phoned the networks to say that "When they were lads....." they used to get up 4 hours early to hike into work or school and snow days were never heard of. Well.... poor old you!!

We get days like this, on average, once a year ? The amount of snow that has fallen in the last 2 days was last seen over 15 years ago. What's wrong with a couple of days off work/school? Will the country collapse financially and morally? Oooops... it already did that, didn't it?I say just get your woolly hat on, get out there and be a kid again... enjoy yourself.... work twice as hard when you get back to work or school. You will feel refreshed and revived for having 2 days of fun in the snow.

I say again..... YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!


Margot said...

And right you are!! I completely agree!

Kork said...

And now I'm even more jealous than I was before!!!!!!!!!

GRRRRRRR...It is currently 60 F outside, and I've thrown wide the house...much easier to clean when it's nice outside, but still...it's February for crying in the weeds! I should be up to my eyeballs in snow.

OK, maybe not my eyeballs, but maybe my knees?????

louise said...

I never got to enjoy the snow, but pleased you and your kids did. Where I work doesn't close for a snow day, well not until 3.30 in the afternoon, when we get an order from the powers above to close, after much begging and pleading, then to arrive home and it is getting dark! I hope next time it snows like this, in another 15 years or so, I am retired and get to enjoy it! x

Sarah said...

Hey Margot!!! Long time no hear!! Missed you. S

Kork!! Don't be jealous - come over here & I will make you tea and cake infront of the fire!! S

Louise... you need to get a job in school.. we hardly work at all!!If it wasn't for the pesky kids it would be perfect! S