Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Clinique makes you feel good and look gorgeous!!!

I had some vouchers from my birthday to spend so today I meandered over to John Lewis to treat myself to some new clothes.I had seen some lovely tops at their Fat Face section and had every intention of buying one. The sad thing was... when I tried them on I just looked like a sad, fat old trout.
What has happened to the toned, slim young thing I used to be?? She seems to have disappeared, to be replaced by a middle aged old bag. Blooming Heck... well, actually I didn't say that.... I swore under my breath ( polite middle aged ladies don't swear out loud in John Lewis ) There were, it seemed, only a few options open to me.One of them, and the most obvious, was to disappear off home, grab a large glass of Merlot and drink to drown my sorrow. The other, which won the day, was to head down to the Clinique counter and demand a make over.

I am a big fan of Clinique, both skin care and make up and the girl ( not being rude, she is actually about 15.Must be the skin care doing miracles) behind the counter is like a long lost friend. Before long I was ensconced in her big white chair having soft creamy foundation brushed over my face and a pink pink lip colour that she had just invented smeared over my lips.

I sat up to look in the mirror and the old hag who had sat down had been replaced by a dewy skinned picture of natural gorgeousness ( if I do say so m'self) I handed over my vouchers and wafted away carrying a bag of eye shadow, foundation and lip gloss, along with my free gift ( LOVE FREE GIFTS!!) of 2 mascaras and an eye cream.

At school, as I picked up the boys, all my friends commented on how lovely I was looking.... so, all in all a successful afternoon. I may be shallow, but tonight.... bloody hell, I'm gorgeous!!!


Inkling said...

That sounds like a grand idea. I may just have to do that too. Isn't it nice to feel like a girl again? Between mothering and being a wife, we tend to forget that. Before we know it, our cuticles look like we work in acid all day, our face looks like it hasn't ever heard of the word "exfoliate", and we hardly remember how to use hair or make-up products. But we need to remember to pamper ourselves. At least, that is what I'm discovering as a new mom. I'm so glad you got the chance to care for yourself that way today.

Elise said...

Is there anything better than a makeover by an expert to perk you up ? Even if you can manage perfectly fine yourself, it's always a good idea to update your look and anyway, mascara etc don't last that long and should be changed every couple of months.

Everyone has their own loyalties to a particular brand, but sometimes too it's a good idea to see what else is out there, especially at Christmas when loads of new ranges appear as Limited Editions.

Anonymous said...

I really like Clinique & am a fan of Clarins - a top tip for you ladies; go to Boots, Debenhams etc then ask for some samples; tell them that you have been recommended them but that your skin is sensitive, or that you are looking to change your beauty regime & they will give you loads of stuff!

Do this at every counter & at every shop - et voila! lovely nice free potions. Ask them what their best-sellers are as well. I really love Clarins Orchard Oil (£20 but lasts for ever)