Saturday, 23 May 2009

Finishing my degree at the Open University..... my future awaits!!!

Twenty four years ago I dropped out of University having completed 2 full years of my Degree in History of Art with Italian and Classics. Today I received the news that the Open University have awarded me the maximum transfer credits available for me to finish my Degree. This means that I have 200 points towards the 300 I need for a B.A and 360 for a B.A Honours.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am!! They are sending me a booklet with advice on choosing courses appropriate for a future in teaching, then I can, in October, start studying. If it hadn't been for my sister-in-law telling me about the possibility of this and then she and my lovely friend Lesley nudging me to get on and apply I would not have this massive opportunity opening up before me.

I am so grateful to them and so excited!!! I feel really quite tearful, in a good way.I think I might go and run around the garden a bit!!!!! Yippeeeeee!!!!!