Friday, 8 May 2009

A perfect day in the English Countryside.

This evening, having spent my clothes money on plants for the garden,I went up to the tennis club to collect my boys.My face was rosy with having been out in the garden planting lettuces and potatoes and I felt very content.I had planned to come straight home, but the club was filled with friends from school and I stayed for a glass of wine.

As I sat there chatting and my boys headed off to explore the fields around the club with their friends I realised how very lucky I am. How wonderful to be able to enjoy a glass of wine with people I like and who even vaguely like me!! How great that I can sit knowing that my boys are out in the English countryside, together,running and playing, happy in their freedom to roam.Their friends are good and sensible and when they came back they talked about how important the older ones felt it was to look after the younger ones... to all stick together.

We are drawing to a close as our children head off to Secondary School and I want both the boys and myself to savour these last weeks before our lives change forever.We don't know what lies ahead, but I know that we have been very fortunate to have had this time together.I make it sound as though we are all about to pop our clogs, but do you know what I mean?Son #1 just came in and as he flopped on my bed he breathed " I've just had the perfect day!!"

In these times of uncertainty, to have even 1 perfect day is pretty special.

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