Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Cycling in the English Countryside.

You could do a lot worse, as far as I'm concerned, than go for a bike ride through the woods with your children and husband.This is exactly what we did at the weekend - our first proper longish bike ride together from our house. We are very lucky to live very close to the woods so its a case of cycling out of the drive and 2 minutes later you are there!

We took water and various munchies and followed our noses through the trees. We had one road to cross and then onto an old railway path that is now a well travelled path between villages.

Son #2 insisted on bringing home this little souvenir, apparently a rabbit, which has seen better days.

Along the way we met lots of walkers and a few other cyclists. I love the way everyone is so friendly, smiling and saying hello. Its very rare for walker, runner or cyclist not to give some sort of greeting. We stopped on the way back for a drink and a bag of crisps at the pub we had passed earlier and then it was on the bikes and back home for tea!

In the end we had cycled about 10 miles. All in all a jolly good way to spend an afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Oh that is a lovely way to spend the weekend; I have a bike rusting in the garden & no family so I don't partake in such events!

I love that our lives are so very different - I usually spend the weekends drinking with my friends, in the cinema, staying in bed until noon, on the beach or working! I like hearing about your family days out.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, just noticed that I'm still listed as Cashier Closed in your 'blogs I like to read'!

Sarah said...

Its funny isn't it? Our lives are very different but we have a lot in common! I forgot to change your Cashier Closed. I've just been through and sorted my list out so its Urban Cynic all the way now! S

Elise said...

I too love cycling. I don't do it with kids and family, for me it's a solitary pursuit and some "me-time".

As you say, it's so rare for a fellow cyclist, jogger/runner or walker not to say some form of greeting, even if it's only the ringing of a bell !

I walk a lot too, but I love it when I cycle and I can whizz past everyone and become a bit of a road-hog (in a good way of course) !

Gail said...

As I read this, Better Together was playing. Did you plan that??