Monday, 8 June 2009

Gordon Brown... its time to go.

I have never met Gordon Brown and the chances are that I never will. I have to make a judgement, therefore, by reading about him, watching the media and from my own gut instinct. At the moment, and, let's face it, for some time now, he has reminded me of a large bull trapped up to his haunches in a mud pit, floundering wildly, trying to escape with his dignity intact.

He is surrounded by colleagues, journalists and the people of the UK, all of whom know that he is not going to find the way out. The only person in this country who appears to be totally unaware that his time is up, is Gordon Brown.

He became Prime Minister by default and this galls me. The arrogance in his demeanour, the way he believed that he was for some reason "owed" the leadership and therefore the post of Prime Minister really gets my goat. He ploughs ahead, blind to the damage he is doing to both his party and the country.

There comes a time when good leadership means that you have to let go. When you are remaining at your post for the wrong reasons, like a 5 year old who doesn't want to give up a favourite toy, then you should be ashamed. Gordon Brown, you should be ashamed at this desperate clinging to power. Your time has come. It came a long time ago and the results of the recent elections are the people trying to tell you that you are arrogant, you are wrong and you should do the decent thing and resign.


Anonymous said...

I actually feel quite sorry for Gordon Brown. I don't think he caame to power by default - people didn't vote for Tony, they voted for Labour & I for one was glad that the new PM was a sensible, serious fellow instead of one who could give a nice speech but who was slippy as hell. I couldn't care less if my PM is charming, I just want him to get the job done.

I think the media & other politicians are responsible for Gordon's prboblems & I couldn't think of anything worse than another Conservative government. As far as I can see he hasn't actually done anything wrong - plus who would replace him? who would want the job? I think Gordon has every right to just stand up in the commons & say "fuck you all, you ungrateful effing bastards, you do the job if you think you're better - I'm going home!" I wouldn't want to get out of bed in the morning if I had his job!

If we're not careful, we're in danger of getting another Tory government & I remember what a mess they made of things.

I don't think people have really thought this thing through - were all so busy STILL going on about expenses that nobody is actually running the country. The media should stop trying to decide for us what we should think & do.

Sarah said...

I have to disagree - Tony Blair was the leader of the Labour Party when they came to power and I liked his image and voted for Labour partly because of him and what he stood for.I was also sick of the Tories and the state the country was in.You are right that Gordon Brown has every right to stay, but what good is he doing by staying? From where I stand he is damaging the Labour Party and does not appear to have the tools with which to deal with the current situation.He is quiet most of the time and then emerges mumbling some scripted stuff about how he will not leave and that the people want him to mend the current situation.I do, but I don't believe he can.I certainly would not want his job, but his image to me is that of someone who is trying to cope but is not up to the job.

I just think that this government is in a disaster zone and its time for a change - or at least time to give us all a say.With Gordon Brown Labour will definitely lose power in the next General Election. If someone had the guts to come forward now, someone with strength, character and ability - then Labour might stand a chance.The problem is - is there any such person around at the moment? Probably not or they would have stood against GB in a leadership vote.

Thanks for your comment - its really interesting to hear how other people think, and it makes me look at my opinions again. Time will tell as to the fate of all involved! Sarah x

Anonymous said...

I think it's good to have debates - although I appear to make a strong case for Gordon, I actually vote Lib Dem! x

Gail said...

You think your government is a disaster, look at ours!

Anonymous said...

Gail - I can't see your blog but if you're American they you have the envy of the World. Obama seems like a man true to

his word, with ethics principles & morality - qualities sadly lacking in most politicians. Being a decent person gives your country faith in your intentions at least.

Anonymous said...

FYI: you've been tagged on thoughts caught on a web!