Friday, 31 July 2009

Day out at the Water Mill...

Another good day today. We went over to a water mill with our neighbours.It is now a museum, but has been there, on the river for hundreds of years, grinding wheat to make organic flour. It is in a lovely setting and I took my sketch book to see if anything inspired me.I am finding more and more that I am inspired.

Slowly, slowly I am regaining my confidence in drawing and painting. I sat with my neighbour, as the children played tag in the grounds of the mill, chatting and sketching. Then we went out for lunch together before wending our way back home. This is a photo of the mill... to see my sketch and water colour please click on the Secret Gallery link on the right hand side.Or here...

We are so lucky to live in a country with so many things to do, places to visit... and all for free. Well.... apart from the pub lunch... we had to pay for that obviously... duh.

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MyRubySlippersLife said...

Hi Sarah,
My #2 daughter is Sarah with an h also. And she's an artist as well!
(you can see a couple of her paintings of New Orleans at January blog archives
Your work is very very good. And I'm so inspired reading about your running & the marathon.
I'm working on it but wow is it hard to put on those shoes at times - especially when I just want to kick back & watch tv.
Please visit my website
& other blog
I'll be visiting again & thanks for visiting me.
Nashville, Tennessee USA