Monday, 22 February 2010

Snow and friendship .... sometimes they are both like old rice pudding.

So.... back to work today. I love my work, but at the same time... what wouldn't I do to be able to not work. I would never run out of things to do. I hate the fact that I have to go in every bloody day.... have to get up with the alarm.....

Still... life could be worse.It snowed again today - quite thick and heavy, but it didn't stay for long... just lay about like a thick, cold, wet layer of old rice pudding. It was my friend's birthday today. We used to be really really good friends, but we moved on from each other. Its odd to see her clutching gifts from mutual friends in the playground and not even going over to say hello.Life just moves on sometimes doesn't it? She's happy, I'm happy, but its strange how someone who used to be a massive part of my life is now a virtual stranger.

I think I am a bit flitty with friends. When it comes down to it I like my own company. My Man is my best friend and I don't really enjoy being girly girly with people... in each others pockets, doing lunch, our husbands playing golf... not me at all.I like my own space, my own interests and I don't like to be part of some big social whirlwind.I dip in when I feel like it .Most of the time I don't feel like it at all. Do I sound weird?Unfriendly? I'm not ... I just like to feel like I have a choice. I don't want to be bestest friends with people. Even when I was little I didn't want to have friends over for tea... I just like... me.


Gail said...

I second that! I like occasional outings but usually go with one sister or the other. Not much on girl friendy things.

I crave the quiet when no one is home and I can be noisy or not. I can paint or just do nothing with out explaining to anyone.

I guess we always dream of what we don't have. My sister lives alone and dreams of noise filled rooms and company.

I could not remember the birthday of a friend, I barely remember my family's...heck, I don't remember mine.

We have become a society that is too busy. All must work and there never seems to be enough time.

You are okay and so am I, we are not weird at all! Well, maybe I am.

Tracy F . said...

Wonderful post! I think you just described me to a T. Good to know I'm not weird---or at least not too weird!

Louise said...

I like the title! I'd enjoy my job if I didn't have to speak to so many people in one day, some obnoxious! I am just like you and prefer my own space, and live for the days when I those moments for myself. I do have one good long-term friend who I try to meet up with every now and again for a catchup, but the big social thing I can give a big miss. My man is my best friend too, and his company and mine, is all that I really want. x