Thursday, 20 May 2010

Am I changing... or is it very hot in here??

As I sat down at my computer just now I was feeling fine... and then... whoooosh... I am hot, sweaty and bright red.I have noticed this a few times this week - for no apparent reason. Oh... good.... grief.... Am I going through... the change?? I have never had anything like this before without having had to run about 6 miles beforehand.

I am 46 so it is entirely feasible that I may be getting hormonal, but I am somewhat surprised. Its not all that unpleasant a feeling - just a bit odd. And I do seem to be developing a habit of opening windows wherever I go. The other day my colleague looked at me quizzically as I opened yet another window, face red as a beetroot, as everyone else in the room shivered, 'Having another flush?!' she quipped.

Does this mean that I will be getting dead elegant and distinguished now or merely that I will have to take out shares in antiperspirant?


Urban Cynic said...

Oh. Dear.

Gail said...

I have heard these are the beginnings of the wise years.

Marlene said...

Yep, Know the feeling.