Thursday, 27 May 2010

Mary Portas and the over 40's.

I have just uploaded a new photo of m'self. I don't often have photos taken as I tend to be the photographer around here, but this one is ok. I do look a bit manic as I was saying 'sausages' in an attempt to look smiley, whilst telling my son to hold the camera straight.

I needed a photo for a questionnaire that I filled in about over 40's fashion. They are making a tv programme and wanted people to contribute. I am always up for something interesting so I thought it would be fun to apply. As an over 40 year old woman I agreed with the article that I read by Mary Portas in The Telegraph that fashion for us tends to be somewhat dull..How true! I would love to be able to afford lots of expensive  gorgeous stuff, or have the imagination to buy 'vintage' or make my own. But I don't.

I am stuck with high street shops that either cater for girls of about 15 or for rich old ladies.I just want something a bit funky for everyday wear, that doesn't cost a fortune.Just because a girl is over 40 does not mean she is dull, dead and dreadful. No. We are sassy sexy and super! God! That's a lot of alliteration for a Thursday night... Mary Portas has huge experience in retail and even if I don't get on the telly I will watch her show with interest.If anyone can do something about this issue - its her!

What do you think? Are you bored by clothes on offer? I love shopping for clothes, but am not very good at it!! Should you start wearing beige once you're of a 'certain age'?? I say NO!!!


Gail said...

Wear what makes you feel good, be it for style or comfort.

You sure are looking good and younger too, I think.

Kelly Hudgins said...

You look fabulous! No beige for us, dear!

Sophia said...

You are beautiful!!! :) Love your new photo.

Anonymous said...

I agree, clothes today are either for whippet thin 14yr olds (like my daughters - the body snatchers) or boring old ladies. I am neither.
I tend to find a shop that sells clothes I can wear (currently Wallis) and stick to that - until it goes the way of others (like Next)and gets too young.

Urban Cynic said...

What I'd like is to be able to find clothes that are the size they say they are (a 12 in one shop = a 14 in another is infuriating & not a little depressing) I'd also like to be able to choose what I want & not have to settle for what's in fashion.

A little while ago I wanted a pencil skirt but could only find A-lines. I didn't want an effing A-line; I'm not an A-line kinda woman.

I want well-made, well-cut clothes in a range of colours & to be able to try them on without too much hassle. And I don't want to queue for 40 minutes to pay either.

sarah at secret housewife said...

It drives you nuts doesn't it? I saw a fab dress the other day - bright, cotton, sexy, simple - £100!!! Are you mad ??!! I am not paying that sort of money for a summer dress! S
ps thanks Sophia!!