Thursday, 10 June 2010

Exam nightmare avoided thanks to fellow student advice ... do a dry run!!!

Next Thursday I have my end of year exam. Its 3 hours and counts for half my year's mark - quite important. At a recent day school I attended one of the other students suggested that I do a dry run to find the exam centre - he said he always did this to avoid added worries on the day of the exam.What a good idea, I thought.

I duly looked up the address on Google Maps and downloaded instructions. It was half an hour from my house, so yesterday afternoon I set off to find it. I travelled for 20 minutes and thought, rather smugly, that I was now within 10 minutes of my destination...

An hour and twenty minutes later I eventually found the bloody place. Good Grief!!! Even then it was only by accident that I drove past the road and did a quick u-turn.Thank goodness. THANK GOODNESS!!! I cannot thank that fellow student enough for suggesting the dry run.

Can you imagine, next Thursday, driving around like a lunatic, trying to find the exam centre?? I would have missed the start time and probably have been crying hysterically. All my year's hard work would have gone down the drain. It simply does not bear thinking about.

I tried again today, having gone through the satellite map with a fine toothed comb and made it there in 25 minutes.

My advice to anyone taking exams at an unfamiliar destination this Summer.... do a dry run... find out exactly where it is.... check parking .... don't fail by getting lost. Good Luck!!!


Urban Cynic said...

When I worked at a large venue, accounting students used to hold their exams there. Most of them used to appear at regular intervals before the big day as well - always handy to know which room you're going to as well!

SeaThreePeeO said...

Thank goodness you decided to take the other students advice.

Good luck for next Thursday!

Gail said...

great idea, how did you do?

Caz said...

OMG that would be my worst nightmare!! Glad you know where it is! Best of luck for Thursday.