Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Gorgeous widgets for your blog - Facebook, Twitter and over 200 more.

The other day I thought I had found a lovely new tool bar for my blog.... WRONG!! Unfortunately it turned out to be rubbish. However, undaunted I soldiered on and have found a really cool, all singing, all dancing one, which you may have noticed at the bottom of each of my posts.

It comes from a site I found on Technorati - called Add this. As far as I can see it is absolutely brilliant.The instructions for use on their website are simple and it goes into your template to appear after each post automatically.

I have to admit shaking with trepidation as I inserted the html code into my template code ( if that makes sense!?) but - lo and behold!! it doth work!!!

And now, if you so desire you, as my trusted and noble reader, can add any stunning posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader.... you can favourite it on Technorati.... it does everything but make a cup of tea!! If you scroll over the orange 'Share' button there are over 200 options.

Oh my goodness... this makes me so happy.... and I don't really know why!!! I think its like shopping for free ( did I mention its free??) I have a new sparkly widget and its free!! Ok... must stop going on about it... but I just had to share. Will you get one too? We can hover over each others buttons and Twitter about life with widgets..... go on... you know you want to!!



You make me laugh Sarah (in a good way). Widgets and gadgets are supposed to make things easier but rarely do, so this might be interesting. Completely know what you mean about adding the code - who wants to go there ?!

Sophia said...

You got me chuckling over here, Sarah. :) Thanks for the tip!!

Aspiring freelance writer said...

I wouldn't have had the nerve to try this if you wouldn't have written this article!! Thank you!! It was so easy to install. But I couldn't find where on the site in the directions it said how to install one like the example you have- in the shape of a box? Do you know how to do it? Could you please help me? I really appreciate it!!

sarah at secret housewife said...

Hi everyone! I am so glad that I made you laugh and helped you out! The box pic in my post is just a picture, but the actual widget ( which has a big drop down box if you scroll over the 'share' button is found on the Add This site. ) If you go to Add This and
a) choose the Blogger function,

b) then the third option of tool bars( with Facebook, Twitter etc

c) and then click the 'get your button' button

it will take you to the instructions.I thought it was only the 4 options until I scrolled over the orange 'share' button and discovered a wonderland of thingies!!

I will contact you separately Aspiring Freelance Writer!! But later on as I have to go to work and make a packed lunch for my snoring children!!

Lisa Page Rosenberg said...

Re: Widgety goodness -
To answer your question... I think my husband crafted mine together. I'll see what I can find out!

Urban Cynic said...

Thanks for that - I'm an old hand at adding code into my template (I have a Retweet button & a sign up to newsletter on my business one)plus moving images on my film one. It still is quite scary pasting the damned thing in though! Mostly it's just a bloody pain trying to find the code.

I've just added it to all 4 of my blogs. x

FarmWife said...

THANK YOU!! I've been wanting a facebook button to add to my posts, but haven't had any luck. I don't want to link directly to my personal FB page on my blog since I try to keep things private on the Farm.

Very cool!