Saturday, 31 July 2010

Back from my triplet trip and waiting for the allotment keys...

I am back from visiting my brother, his wife and their 7 week old triplets.They are absolutely gorgeous!! The indentical twins are... identical and the third boy is long and calm and just beautiful. We spent our time changing nappies, feeding, bathing and cuddling them. My sister-in-law seems incredibly organised, but how she copes is beyond me.

I have to say that I came back feeling exhausted... and I only had 24 hours of it.It brought back memories of when my two were tiny - the utterly relentless nature of new babies.I don't know where the time goes, but it does just disappear. With my own I got to the stage where their cries went through me like a rusty blade... Much as I love babies and enjoy making them feel happy and comfortable, I absolutely hate the total dependence they have on one. The fact that you can't just pop out for a trip round the shops or read a book, or take a relaxing bath..... ugh!!

Still, that's me. My sister-in-law and brother seem incredibly calm and organised and happy and the three boys are very well behaved.I'm afraid I have no photos for you as they are not my children and... well I don't even post pics of my own children on here so I can't post pics of theirs... I am sure you understand. Anyway - one baby looks much like another.Suffice to say that these three are officially the most gorgeous babies ever. Well, apart from mine, obviously.

I still have not received the keys to my allotment unfortunately so I am rather in limbo. I really want to get up there and take photos and start clearing it. But I can't. As soon as I get those pesky keys I will let you know.


Gail said...

Glad you had a great time.

When you get the keys, give up a want list of seeds.


Our triplets, my daughter Jill's, are eight years old now. And boy was it hard work getting them this far. Boy, boy, girl. Girl is already a diva and the boys are fun and full of mischief.
Good luck with those wonderful babies. They are in for lots of joy, and busyness!

Blessings. Barb
What is an allotment?