Monday, 25 October 2010

99 followers and a weighty lunch.... does not equal beautiful prose....yet.

Well, how marvellous! I thought I would come over and see who's written what from my blog roll.... and whoopy doo but I have 99 followers!! How very exciting!! I remember when I got my very first follower, my very first comment and here I am almost in the heady realms of triple digit following.

I feel that in honour of this I should write something weighty, dynamic or even really push the boat out and scribble something that verges on 'interesting'.However I am, today, suffering from a large and enjoyable lunch so the only thing that I am capable of really is typing this and then staggering to my bed for a nap.

So, my apologies for letting you down. I promise to try harder and as I lie in my soft and cosy duvet I will allow my mind to wander in the direction of beautiful prose. Then all I have to do is hope that I can remember enough to be able to write it down on here and thrill you all....


Gail said...

It has been a pleasure watching your site grow.

I have been as proud of your accomplishments as if you were my own daughter.

Congratulations...I wish I could the 100th but I am already here.

Sensible Footwear said...

Hello -

I'll be your 100th!

Sarah said...

oh Gail, thank you, my lovely! What a very kind thing to say!

And Sensible Footwear - you are very welcome.I hope you come back often and enjoy!!


art2cee2 said...

funny how prose or ideas come to us when least expected. You explained it beautifully ;-)