Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Essay writing for AA316 and my bad back complaints.

My first essay of the new year, new course is due in on the 2nd of November, or there abouts. I am actually pretty ahead of myself on this course, but I have been putting off writing the essay. I have been mulling the topic over in my head and planning what I need to write, but yesterday I actually sat down and wrote the introduction.

Strange to consider that this time last year I was terrified about how to even start. Yesterday the words just seemed to flow.Don't get me wrong, there will be changes, and as the saying goes, there's many a slip twixt cup and lip. Thinking I have written a good intro is a long way away from writing a good level three essay!

Still, I feel happy to have made a start.

Something that is not making me feel happy is the state of my back.I am trying not to mention it to those around me, but, bloody hell it hurts. I know that its only a muscle proble, caused by digging the stupid allotment and exacerbated by stress.It feels as if someone is digging red hot pokers into the muscles across my shoulder blades. When I move the pain takes my breath away and as I walk up and down stairs at times during the day I am like an old horse, grunting and gasping. Really quite pathetic!!

If it wasn't for the fact that going sick at work is totally out of the question, especially right now, I would just take to my bed and die. As my mother always told me - I have no stamina and a non existent pain threshold.You know what we Brits are like - its absolutely unacceptable to let anyone know that you are in pain. If anyone has asked me how I am I always reply chirpily that all is well.

Well, between you and me, as friends out in the ether whom I will never meet and will never have to face with the embarrassment of seeing you and feeling like a weakling to have complained, IT HURTS!! And not only does it hurt, I want it to stop and I don't want to have to go to work.There. I have said it. Now I will go back in the lounge and pretend all is well, as I swig down 2 more paracetamol.


Urban Cynic said...

Oh I always tell everyone how shit I feel - hard to shut me up in fact. I've got some valium if you want them? ... they're gooooood.

Kork said...

Well that stinks about your back! If you can - try to put an ice pack on it - the ice will help with any inflammation - and AVOID heat as it will make any inflammation worse.

PS - I'm proud of you for feeling so much more confident in your course work this year!

Louba said...

Try the ice pack - unpleasant but it does work! I also use an electric massager (its for my back just for the avoidance of any doubt!) from homedics which is really good and much cheaper than a trip to the chiropractor. Hope you feel better :)

Pauline said...

You certainly have my sympathy. Bad backs are so painful! Do let those around you know as they rarely get better when we try to tough it out. You must be kind to yourself or your back will punish you!
Take care of you!