Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Nothing like digging an allotment to soothe the mind...oh and back massages.

There are days when I would really like to post about work, but I don't and won't....Not worth it, even if I changed names.Suffice to say that today after work....

I went and treated myself to an Aromatherapy massage.My back has been aching with all the allotment digging I have been doing and with the stress of work as well I thought I was due a massage.And what a lovely massage it was! Very relaxing indeed - all lavender and black pepper, although I am hoping I smell more of the lavender than the black pepper!

I have been up the allotment each day this week and each day I have forgotten to take my camera. Curses!!! Still, I promise I will post new photos soon.I have cleared so much rubbish. I can't really believe that I have managed to pull so much out all by myself.I am only little, just 5 foot and not very muscular!! Yesterday I pulled out 2 sets of mattress springs, carpet, iron bars.... incredible.

The pile of stuff awaiting the council skip is twice the size of my last photo shown above.

The good news, though, is that I am enjoying it still, finding it almost addictive, and I have actually planted some onions and garlic!! Although I plan to make raised beds and pathways eventually I decided to make a temporary bed and plant something for inspiration.It feels good to have something growing in there.I am hoping that one day the garden will look not so much like this.... still, slow steps and satisfaction along the way..


Gail said...

Something about digging in the earth is good for the soul.

What would be really cool, is seeds from around the world...think about it. I would love to send seeds.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for taking on such a large endeavour! I look forward to the grand finale pics. :)
And I agree with Gail, there truly is something about digging in the earth that is good for the soul.
Continued to success, and don't forget your camera! :)