Sunday, 19 December 2010

I am turning into a shabby, overstuffed hobbit with a teenage son whom I plan to have adopted.

I am sitting here in my dressing gown having tidied my bedroom to a certain degree. It now looks like a slightly messy 'ready for Christmas' room rather than the scene of a suicide bombing. This makes me happy as I have achieved something this weekend, other than eating my body weight in Christmas fare and generally lolling about like an overstuffed hobbit.

I have not been on my blog for a little while and I have not visited other people's blogs either. This is most remiss of me. My absence from other people's blogs is verging on the rude and I apologise to you if I have not been by.I think the reason for my lack of visits is a feeling of guilt. When luxuriating in the world of the blog I always feel that I should be studying, or cooking tea, or perhaps talking to my husband about... well, anything really.

At this moment he is downstairs sorting the boys out. One of them has lost the keys to the side gate and my Man is not happy. This is a kind way of saying that he is very pissed off and thinking of having said child adopted.I can understand his anger as the keyring also carries our back door keys and if we are burgled it will be down to our 12 year old.

We will not let him forget that blame for any future criminal activity involving entry via the side gate or the back door will rest entirely on his shoulders.

This event is setting him up nicely for his teenage years, which, by the way, start on Thursday. On Thursday my little man will be 13 and he is obviously preparing us in advance for a deluge of teenage-ish irresponsible behaviour. I fully expect him to come downstairs on Thursday around 2pm with the beginnings of a beard and a full blown bad tempered grump.Obviously he will no longer be able to talk in fully rounded sentences and I imagine he will start going to all night cider parties in the park.

The loss of the keys is a nice way to start the week.


Trish @ Mum's Gone to... said...

We have reached the monosyllabic years in our household. It's a little scary but so far the transformation has meant that we all have a long-lie in at weekends and I have someone else in the house who can reach things on high shelves.

Urban Cynic said...

Apology accepted - I've been feeling particularly snubbed.. (sniff)

Inkling said...

Your title alone made me laugh. There are days that I feel that way with my toddler, even if only for a second.

I sincerely hope that the keys have been located by now and that being burgled never happens!

And just for the record, beautiful you, I don't think you could stand in for an over-stuffed hobbit even if you ate a yule log. You are too beautiful for that, at least, that is the opinion of this redhead living in a country where your monarch is also our head of state. (I'm learning Canadian history and politics in preparation for taking my citizenship test sometime in the next year hopefully.)