Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year from Secret Housewife!!

Here we are... January 1st, 2011. I remember when I was a child, thinking that when the year 2000 came around I would be the grand old age of 35. And here I am, 11 years past that landmark. I spent last night surrounded by friends and family, happy, dancing, singing, totally at ease with myself and those around me.

After my last post Bozena commented that life should be spent singing and dancing the way you would if nobody was watching.I took her words to heart and last night I did just that.I was not the most gorgeous, the slimmest, the youngest woman at the party, but I may well have been the happiest.My friend sang Mustang Sally and asked for 5 women to come on stage and dance. I was up there like a shot with 3 of my friends and danced with a smile on my face as wide as the Pacific.My husband sang and had the whole party up and dancing - I was so incredibly proud of him!

Who knows what 2011 will bring.I know that I will write about my life this year and there will be times when I am miserable. There will be times when I am frustrated or bored, but hopefully there will also be more times when I feel the way I feel tonight, comfortable in myself and actually aware of how bloody lucky I am.

I have a beautiful, kind man who loves me and I have 2 boys who are just lovely.I have good friends who accept me for who I am. I know that I am far from perfect. I am impatient and insecure at times. I am lazy and obsessive. But I am also kind and funny, aware of my failings and of course hugely modest!! I have come a long way from the woman who started writing this blog 4 years ago.

I hope that the New Year brings you happiness and comfort in your own skin. I hope that we are able to cope with whatever the year brings us - let's hope its good things!


Gail said...

Glad your celebration was wonderful.

Happy New Year.

Share my Garden said...

Hello Sarah, so nice to meet you. I went shopping the day before Christmas Eve to buy a turkey and came home with a dress, half price, for the New Year party - happens to the best of us! Makes you feel quite delighted with yourself and also quite good at the same time!
I can't sing for toffee but I did boogy in 2011, so we have definitely got the year off to a good start.