Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Wanted: a sport free telly.

This evening I am a refugee in my own kitchen. We have reached a stage in my house where the tv, in the lounge, is constantly occupied with sport. Now, you know that I am a sports fan... I really do enjoy watching and playing sport, but.... OMG... as they say on the social networks. I have had enough.

There are 3 boys in my house and I am outnumbered when it comes to the telly. Do they want to watch Downton Abbey? No. Do they want to watch America's Next Top Model? No. Would they even consider watching Dancing on Ice? Absolutely not.

And I am expected to sit through countless evenings of Arsenal trying desperately to win some silverware, with not a bat of an eyelid or a raising of an eyebrow.The tedium of night after night of football, golf, cricket... Its enough to drive a woman to drink. There would appear to be no room for compromise. I am the one who has to step aside. I am the one who is outnumbered.

And why am I accepting of this? Why don't I go in there and demand to watch what I want on the tv? Well, the answer is simply that I am choosing my battles. I am avoiding conflict. I just cannot be bothered with the fallout of men peeved, men denied their sporting fix.I know that there would be tears at bedtime and I just can't bear the thought of having to deal with that...

I now understand my mother's decision over 30 years ago to buy a 'sport free' tv. At the time both the tv salesman and we children thought she had lost her marbles. Now I can look back and see her genius, her far reaching wisdom. I am very close to getting a new tv myself. A nice small portable for the kitchen maybe... then the men in my house can gather round it and watch their sport in peace...

You didn't think that I wanted it did you? Not likely. They can have a portable in the kitchen and I'll settle down with a glass of Merlot and Colin Firth in the lounge.... hmmmmmmmmm

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