Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I am an angry Momma. Anyone want to adopt a muddy 13 year old?

What is it with kids? My throat is sore from yelling at my 13 year old. My heart is beating out of my chest and I have had enough.

The other day I rushed to pick him up from school to take him to casualty and get his leg checked out because he hadn't worn shin pads to football and had got kicked. I knew his leg was just badly bruised, but I did the decent motherly thing and got it checked out - leaving my work in the lurch for a couple of hours.

Today he wanted to go into town to buy a new game for the Wii. I duly took him, despite having worked all day and having had a rubbish day at that.

I wash, I clean, I ferry, I help and care in every way I can.He had new school shoes in September, which he has worn to play football in on a muddy field most days. I have cleaned them regularly and when they eventually gave up the ghost on Friday my husband went out and bought a new pair.

So today he wore them for the first time and totally trashed them. He, allegedly, had to referee a game of football during PE. Obviously the fact he did not have his football boots with him was my fault as I had written to say he was to be excused football due to his bruised shin... yeah, right. So he wore his new shoes.

Not only did he not have the courtesy to mention the shoes when he got home, he certainly did not see fit to clean them. I rad the riot act and insisted he did so when I eventually came across them.Well, I have never see such a kak handed attempt. There was mud everywhere. All over my sink, my draining board, my scourer.... obviously still all over the bloody shoes, which, by now, were also soaking wet.

I am afraid to say that this was the final straw. I went totally mental.

Suffice to say his shoes are now clean, stuffed with paper and drying nicely by the radiator. So - he got what he wanted... again.I got a sore throat from shouting and a lump in my throat from frustration. He is banished from all electrical goods and can kiss goodbye to any sort of treats or pleasantries.

Right now all I want to do is cry, drink and have him adopted.Yes, I know Urban Cynic, you told me so.... Give me a cat any day of the bloody week.


Gail said...

Take a deep breath...now be glad he does sports and not drugs.

Bozena Wojtaszek said...

I would let him to keep his shoes as dirty as he wants. Yes, things like this aren't worth your anger/emotions. But I would also stop taking care of something (small) which IS important to him. You are his mom, not a servant. So don't put yourself in this role. Read a good book and stop thinking about all the dirt he likes so much (but don't allow him to destroy your order!).
Relax :)

Urban Cynic said...

I'm not saying a word...

Bass Pryce said...

I can offer a teenager exchange, but you may be sadly disappointed with the result.

I am prepared to throw in a new pair of boots too

Pauline said...

That was a real flashback for me! Now when I see him in a business suit looking every bit the successful man about town I can hardly believe my eyes.

BUT, last time he was home he got very cross with me for picking up after him and insisting on washing his absolutely filthy jeans, which I swear hadn't been washed for months. It was hardly my fault that he hadn't removed his passport from his pockets - was it??

And I should just whisper this bit - I didn't feel at all guilty about all the inconvenience that caused him!